We track all the important aspects of your domainsSaving you headaches from sites going offline and keeping you informed of any potential issues

Domain Expiry Monitor

Let your domain registration expire and anyone can buy your domain for their own use.

Anyone means a good Samaritan who may return the domain to you (this happened with Hotmail, in 1999 and again in 2003!) or it could mean a competitor or a scammer.

Registrar Change Monitoring

If the registrar of your domain changes without you deliberately making that change, somebody might be trying to steal your domain.

Or, if it's a customer's site, then there's a chance they've left your agency without telling you.

Domain Status Change Monitoring

Domain Status is the public standing of a domain available from its Whois record. "active" means everything is good.

Other status such as "registrarLock" or "pendingDelete" requires immediate action to stop your domain being lost.

Name Server Change Monitoring

Your name servers are responsible for your site's DNS which turns your domain name into an IP address. In other words, DNS translates www.mywebsite.com into

If your name servers are not set correctly your website will appear down to most visitors.

If your name servers change without you deliberately making that change, somebody is probably trying to do something nefarious with your website.

SSL Certificate Monitoring

SSL certificates help secure your website. A key part of that security is that SSL certificates expire.

Most good SSL certificates auto-renew, however sometimes that fails or an SSL certificate can be misconfigured.

Without a working SSL certificate, your site visitors will be prompted with a warning screen, advising them to leave the site.

Google Indexation Monitoring

If your website is not in Google's index, you won't appear in any Google search results.

Deindexation is terrible for search traffic and could indicate hacking or bad SEO practices.

We track how many pages you have in the index, which helps you monitor your site's SEO performance.